Jumbo Online is a company that delivers products from online shops of Jumbo. The products are directly delivered to the customer’s house. Jumbo provides a variety of all the indispensable daily products such as toilet paper, detergents, diapers, toothpaste, potatoes, milk and bread. The company sells also a lot of products that can be found only by the Jumbo. Those are the home brand products.
Work with scanner – scanning, collecting orders and preparing goods for final expedition – you will be trained on place!
Work is suitable also for couples ad friends who would like to live and work together!
Salary from 11,23 till 12,11 Euro/hour brutto + surcharges
Weekly payment
Work in 3 shifts
Long term work
Possibility to extend contract for longer period
International Team
Coordinator on place and 24/7 support!
English language – advanced
Flexibility and motivation
Surchargers for work in weekend and night shift!

For more information you can contact us on below:
Mobile: 091 619 4616, 091 6128 454
E-mail: info@ottoworkforce.hr                                                                                                 

We would like to insure You that we take care of our employees by providing to you secure work and living place and helping You from the first day of Your arrival to the Netherlands!

Each jobseeker is obliged to monitor himself / herself on the official website of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for current measures to prevent the spread of the new corona virus COVID-19.

Applicants who are located in the territory of a country that has been included in the orange zone/risk zone according to the latest Dutch government regulation (a map of risk zones is available on the Kingdom of the Netherlands website – link below) are required to pass test for COVID-19 and having a 10-day quarantine!