Amazon is looking for motivated employees air freight handling and logistic department for the Amazon Air in Leipzig! It is amazing opportunity to work at airport and to be close to such High-tech work environment and gain work experience in such a field!

Working at an airport requires a background check (ZÜP) in accordance with the Aviation Security Act and Proof of Language Proficiency for English or German language. If you do not have a valid ZÜP and Proof of Language Proficiency and you have good German or English skills, we will help you to acquire them.

Due to ZÜP and Proof of Language Proficiency recruitment process can take 2 till 4 weeks after applying for working at Amazon, as before starting work every employee has to pass online training (in homeland) for having ZÜP background and Proof of Language Proficiency managed and paid by Amazon! Don’t worry, we will support with every step!

What will you be resonsible for?

As an employee of air freight handling you will be responsible for:

  • Loading and unloading in/out of plane
  • Servicing of transport vehicles – it is a vehicle with a belt conveyor, tug for suitcases
  • Provision of the pre-sorted pallets for collection
  • There is also work to do inside the logistic area, as preparing for putaway

What we offer:

  • A gross hourly wage 13,50 €
  • Allowances for working at night hours 30% extra, overtime 30% extra, during Sunday 75% extra and during holiday100% extra
  • Work on 3 shifts. That will bring you extra money!
  • Monthly salary with zeit konto
  • German employment contract with guaranteed working hours of minimum 151,67/month
  • Monthly allowances for accomodation cost
  • German tax number and health insurnace
  • Highly safe and clean work environment

What we require?

  • Have EU citizenship (valid ID or Passport)
  • Knowledge of English or German language on advanced level
  • Criminal Record – before starting and departure to Germany valid criminal record has to be translated into German language!
  • Driving license is an advantage – not mandatory
  • Reliable setting and focus on achieving goals
  • Work experience in same field is not a mandatory, as every new employee is well trained by special trainers 😊


  • Organized accomodation and transport to work
  • Safety shoes and working clothes provided
  • Job is suitable also for candidates who are living prive and searching only for job
  • Same planning friends or relatives
  • Access to courses/trainings, competitions with interesting awards for OTTO emyployees
  • Coordinators, Trainers and BUDDs on place to support you

Interested? Send to us your CV in English or German language on info@ottoworkforce.hr  and we will contact you asap! In CV should be mentioned last work experiences with mentioning exact dates of start and end, name of the employer, work duties. We are also on social media.

If you would like to apply for this position, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!
Mobile: +385916128454 / +385916194132

Take the opportunity to reach us via Facebook or Whatsapp!