DHL is an international delivery company employing over half a million employees. The branch in Beringe is a supply chain location which means that it’s not delivering packages (orders) to the private clients but to companies and bigger customers.

What will you be resonsible for?

  • Ensuring that all the articles arrive at the right customer on time
  • Picking with voice picking system and scanning
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Forklift & Reachtruck courses managed by Employer in case that you have good experience with driving forklift or reachtruck

You will get an attractive salary:

  • Warehouse employee 10,88 € brutto + weekly paid holiday allowance of 8,33% over your weekly salary
  • Allowances for working in evening hours and night hours 30% extra, on Saturday 50% and Sunday 100%
  • Every employee is participating in ET Regulation which provides benefits for getting various allowances, as tax free rule up to 30% from salary and else next to weekly salary!
  • Travel allowances to work if is used private transport 0,32 cent per km
  • TELL-A-FRIEND BONUS: by submitting a candidate, employee gets up to 750 Euro gross. Amount is bulit up as below: 

– New colleague starts to work = recommender receives 250 Euro gross
– New colleague still works 6 months = recommender receives 250 Euro gross
– New colleague still works 12 months = recommender receives 250 Euro gross

What we require?

  • Have EU citizenship (valid ID or Passport)
  • Advanced English language
  • Ability to work on shifts: 06:00-15:00 / 8:00-17:00 / 15:00-24:00
  • Reliable setting and focus on achieving goals


  • Weekly payment
  • Organized accomodation and transport to work
  • Direct Dutch employment contract with guaranteed working hours signed in Croatia before departure
  • Dutch health insurnace and Tax number arranged by Employer
  • Hassle free employment (digital contract signing) with minimum formalities
  • Pick up for arriving candidates from airport, bus station or train station managed by Employer
  • Every emplyee receives safety shoes and special company clothes
  • Job is suitable also for candidates who are living prive and searching only for job
  • Same planning for couples, friends or relatives
  • Access to courses/trainings, competitions with interesting awards for OTTO emyployees
  • 24/7 Support & Coordinators, Trainers and BUDDs on place to support you

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